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Zita-Barbara releases sincere emotional ballad "Too Little, Too Late"

Zita-Barbara has released her latest single entitled “Too Little, Too Late” the song is a highly emotional ballad filled with many highlights

Zita has been releasing music for the last number of months, in the process gaining significant traction amongst many new fans and listeners. With a natural talent for writing, her lyrical approach is a refreshing organic vibe, distinctly individual, her writing style frequently expresses her inner thoughts and emotions, making her music relatable for listeners.

Zita’s latest single, combines, simple but powerful production in a minor key. Zita floats over the song with her smooth vocals of conviction. Some of the themes of the track speak on being brought back into the past by someone, even after trying to move on. The song feels like a track that many listeners will be able to identify with.

The accompanying visual, shows numerous cinematic shots of the artist as well as internal shots and some wonderfully creative shots in a field. The video absolutely fits the style of music and makes for a mesmerising watch.

Overall Zita continues to wow audiences with each and every release,

“Too Little, Too Late” is a definite highlight in her ever expanding music discovery.




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