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Thy Veils transport us to a world of ambient bliss on "Upstream"

Upstream" is the new single from Thy Veils. The song is a beautiful and dreamy atmospheric journey through sound, blending elements of electric pop and classic organic instrumentals to create a unique and captivating listening experience.

With spacey, elegant vocals, the song immediately draws the listener in with its stunning reverb effect, adding depth and dimension to the already atmospheric feel of the track.

The vocals are accompanied by a diverse range of instruments, from edgy synths to unexpected trombone solos, that work together to create an intricate and layered soundscape.

The use of organic instruments, such as the trombone, adds an earthy and grounding quality to the song, balancing out the more ethereal elements and creating a rich and dynamic audio experience.

The combination of these elements creates a truly cinematic sound, evoking images of vast, open spaces and a sense of exploration and discovery.

The electric pop influence is also evident, bringing a modern energy to the track and making it feel fresh and contemporary. The song is upbeat and optimistic, with a strong, driving beat that is sure to get the listener's feet moving.

Overall, "Upstream" is a beautifully crafted and carefully composed track that showcases the artist's versatility and talent. With its atmospheric, dreamy sound and electric pop energy, it is a truly standout single from the forthcoming album "Next Forever". Fans of atmospheric and innovative music will be sure to love this track, and the album is sure to be a must-listen for anyone who appreciates creative and exciting new music.


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