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Thomas & The Angry Hearts deliver with enigmatic new song“What Went Wrong”

Thomas & The Angry Hearts are soon releasing their thought provoking debut single “What Went Wrong” the group who consists of the lead artist his partner and a select group of band members showcase a blissful and in depth story on the single.

Thomas has been on quite the journey, starting life in Norway before heading out to Philadelphia at age 20. He returned joining various bands and in the process developing his musical skills. Now filmy settled with Thomas & The Angry Hearts. The artist takes pride in his music of honest and revealing offerings.

The new single is a blend of acoustic tones, country vocals and intimate storytelling. The artists have a great way of combining all their highest skills and making their style definitively unique. At moments the song is emotional transporting the listener to a world of inner reflection. Overall the song is a solid entry from these exciting musical collaborators.

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