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Super producer Steve Jarvis drops golden Hip Hop hit “Feel Good Shh”

South Carolina super producer Steve Jarvis is back with a heavy hitting Hip Hop song entitled “Feel Good Shh” with a vocal assist from Rae Ban$. Steve has had a highly accomplished career to date working on collaborative releases with industry veterans such as T-Pain.

“Feel Good Shh”is an additive drop right from the start, the artist makes use of a catchy melodic sample that sets the tone for the track. Rae Ban$ vocals enter at 00:13 with smooth bars, a real confident tone and an intense presence that adds to the golden swag that the track has. Steve has brought the beat life with deadly bass backing, hi hats and one hell of a catchy chorus.

It’s clear to see why so many people in the industry seek to work with the producer, he has a knack for making hit ready records and his latest offering is absolutely no exception.

In what looks to be another stellar season for the producer, listeners can enjoy his new song for the time being.



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