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Patrick Tabaks delivers with style on debut album “Lost My Mind"

Patrick Tabaks is an upcoming artist from Latia, still only seventeen years of age, the artist has his sights firmly set on a career in the industry. Patrick was immersed in the industry from an early age, learning piano and developing his skills as a vocalist, he began to perform in a variety of opera productions as well as adding both guitar and violin to his bow of impressive musical talents.

Patrick now shifts his attention to his debut album entitled “Lost My Mind” a nine track epic that showcases perfectly exactly who this exciting young talent really is.

The project is filled with beautiful acoustics, clever harmonics and the artists signature smooth vocals. What’s most impressive here is just how advanced Patrick skills are, the artist possesses incredible maturity in his work.

Tracks like “From Time To Time” are just some of the highlights, with stunning guitar solo’s and an addictive catchy hook.

The album also takes a more sombre turn in parts, with songs like “Suffer To You” which offer some significant signs of self reflection. This makes for a nice change in pace whilst allow the artists versatility to shine.

Album closer “Like Home” takes the listener on a full circle, an emotional ballad taking the listener on a journey and a mesmerising final destination.

Overall Patrick’s debut album is a solid and noteworthy entry from an artist who’s best is still yet to come.



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