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MP lives the fast life on hot new single "Moonlight"

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

MP is an artist we have had our eye on for some time. The New Mexico artist has been a regular name in the industry, with his signature lyrical flow and collaborations with a variety of artists, MP is an undeniable fast rising talent.

His latest single "Moonlight" is his first release of 2021, hotly anticipated by fans, followers and fellow artists alike. The song followers a narrative of a strained relationships, where the fast living of one mans life cannot accommodate the desire of modesty his partner dreams for.

A classic Hip Hop record produced by Australian producer and frequent collaborator Gla$s. We are also gifted a collaboration assist from non other than Rockie Fresh who's verse adds a distinct and unique feel to the track.

MP delivers the super catchy chorus with some well placed vocal distortion, simple but incredibly effective, his lyrical delivery seems to flow effortlessly over the slink and smooth beat. "Come be my bride" is the direct offering as the artist seeks to persuade his lover to stay and embrace the life that he cannot escape.

Heavy 808's ring out as MP delves into another verse before concluding with the outro.

"Moonlight" is everything MP has said it would be, he encapsulated the theme of the record perfectly much to the avail of his close followers. With a whole vault of music awaiting release, 2021 is shaping up to be another very exciting year for the artist.

Social Media:

MP (@TianMP)

Rockie Fresh (@rockiefresh)

Gla$s (LikeGlass_)


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