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Mira unveils instant classic on new single “Eye Spy”

Lush R&B tones, atmospheric vocals and sophisticated lyricism are all the things showcased on “Eye Spy”. Mira is an artist that is quickly making her way up though the industry ranks, making her mark on the industry with her distinct style.

The artist spent 2021 releasing hit after hit consecutively, growing more fans and admiration with each and every release. Her style blends influences of dark Pop and ambient R&B. Her lyrics are often poetic and pose the listener with moments of internal reflection, “Eye Spy” is definitely a song that transports you into a world of escapism and sombre tones.

“More that just physical, baby I know you ain’t typical, say you all this and you all that” is the catchy hook lead that shimmers the track with bags of repeat value. This is the first single from Mira this year and it certainly lives up to expectations. It looks to be another stunning year for the artist who were sure will be bringing more exciting new releases soon.



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