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Martin Nguyen is back with hit single "Wanna Be Inspired"

Martin Nguyen is back with a stunning Rap classic jam entitled “Wanna Be Inspired.” The track is a combination of smooth sharply mixed alternative vocals. Lyrically the artist showcases some of his greatest work to date, articulate wordplay is at the forefront of the track. Taking listeners on an amazing journey that climaxes with a catchy yet almost Indie style chorus.

The artist is accompanied by a Hip Hop instrumental with some serious trap inspired backing, 808’s hammer down and add another layer of authoritative reinforcement.

What is most impressive however is just how great the song sounds with all of these elements put together.

It’s clear Martin Nguyen is an artist that has unstoppable potential, with a handful of releases under his belt, the future is certainly looking exciting for this once in a lifetime talent



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