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Lutfia showcases her impressive talents on new EP “So Much For Summer.”

Twenty year old BIMM student and Pop singer songwriter Lutfia is making a serious impression in the industry, with her music described as “arena favourites that can resonate with multicultural audiences.”

For Lutifia her musical journey began at age 14 and has not stoped since. Releasing her debut single “Last Night” which received wide critical acclaim in August 2020. Taking close inspiration from the likes of Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd.

Her latest release is entitled “So Much For Summer.” The six track EP consists of cross genre ballads and acoustic numbers with a strong Pop vibe. Covering a variating array of themes, the EP offers a nice collection of catchy numbers. “City Of Angles” and “Just A Stranger” being notable vocal highlights, the EP is a solid showcase from this exciting upcoming artist.



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