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LT Turner Jr and his mesmerising new single “On Eagle’s Wings”

LT Turner Jr is an artist from Waterbury, CT. a talented Singer, Pianist, Conductor and Recording Artist, LT brings a large depth of musical variety to his musical works. The common themes and intentions behind the artists music include positive reinforcement and inspiration.

Returning with a new single entitled “On Eagle’s Wings” the artist showcases all his musical skills with effortless ease. The song is a stunning five minute offering that transports the listener into another world, soft strings providing a warming backdrop and an emotional moment of reflection. Fabulous piano chords and rolling drums provide the big epic feel from the 2:30 mark.

LT Tuner Jr has crafted a song here that would be fitting for any Hollywood movies score. The concluding section of the song, is truly magical and powerful bringing tears to the eyes with, the instrumental conviction displayed throughout. A solid entry from this wonderfully gifted talent that is LT Turner Jr


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