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Larry Mindel Delivers Smooth New Single 'Whisper The World Away'

'Whisper The World Away’ is the latest release from UK singer-songwriter Larry Mindel. His own unique fusion of jazz and folk makes for an unforgettable listening experience. It truly is that, Mindel’s music; an experience.

These songs are tales woven through intricate musical arrangement. Stories of lives well-lived and in flux, at ease and on the road, alone and with lovers. The twists and turns of Larry’s music are rooted in his musical education in the traditional folk clubs of the South East of England, and the dynamic harmonic progressions of jazz in London’s Soho. Elements of Steely Dan, Paul Simon and Laura Marling and others who span genres.

Larry Mindel’s vocal is soothing and his lyrics are soul-warming yet thought-provoking: “Holding close into day // Keeping secrets at bay - // Alibis, other lies, Whisper the world away”.

This is Larry’s first collaboration with Italian producer, Matteo Galesi, who has worked with Ten Fe, Omahrose Frank Mada and other emerging artists. The strings are contributed by multi-instrumentalist Joao Silva from Portugal, who is one half of the band Still Life. The beautiful video is by London film-maker, Rob Thom.

Visit the official website for Larry Mindel here:


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