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Kabbahl are back with a stunning new album entry entitled “Oblivion”

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The fifteen track full length project, is a wide and varied offering that showcases some of the bands greatest musical skills and talents. The band from Edmonton Alberta Canada have clearly brought their very best on this enthralling body of work.

Operating in the realm of heavy Rock, the rock alternative songs offer intense vocal arrangements and a range of heavy organic instrumentation. Whilst the opening number of tracks bring the listeners right into realm of musical intensity with blistering guitar riffs that ignite and set the pace for the album.

Kabbahl have made their intentions obvious on the album, laced with haunting vocal harmonies “Oblivion” is a equally atmospheric as it is imposing. From a lyrical perspective the album is alight with a matching intensity. Everything flows in collective unison on the album, the band have made a distinct effort the keep the project cohesive and in sequence. Nothing feels out of place and the production reflects this throughout.

The mix is also worth noting here, even though there is a full array of live instrumentation and vocals, the balance in the mix is perfectly done, it’s sharp and highlights all of the resonating features that the band offer. The video for the song “Can’t Do It” is a mysterious unorthodox visual with distinct vibrant colours that make for the perfect accompaniment to the album.



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