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JoesJas drops Bubblegum Drill banger “2 Truck J”

JoeJas is back with a brand new highly catchy single entitled 2 Truck J. The artist who has been releasing a variety of classics this year has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats with all his single and visual drops. However his latest offering is a unique and wonderfully experimental number.

2 Truck J is a tight drill jam, carefully crafted by JoeJas himself in a genre which he calls “Bubblegum drill.” The artist has certainly took a brave step here and it works tremendously well. From a narrative perspective the artist bases the track on his love for skating, showcasing his articulate and clever wordplay throughout course of the song.

it’s impressive that this has been a completely self created project, in an era where most artist focus on one aspect of there music, it’s a real credit to JoeJas and his musical capabilities. The song also has signature Joe Jas vibes with his distinct tone and flow effortlessly floating over the beat. Proving again that the artist can create music of any genre.



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