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Jeremy Parsons releases new album "Things to come"

The Texas native Jeremy Parsons grew up to the sounds of various music genres in his younger years before discovering his love and talent for creating music. It's that same love and talent from his youth that has now taken him across nations far and wide including the US and many countries across Europe. With notable performance being at his home state of Texas.

Known for his audience interaction. Jeremy builds off the crowds energy, using humour, his genuine personality and love for his music. Releasing a plethora of music over the years. Jeremy has most recently released his new album "Things to Come" which was released on January 8th 2021.

The first single from his latest album, “Things I Need To Say” was the Top 40 Roots Music Report and Indie World Report track, "Burn This House Down." The song paints a poignant picture of heartbreak and acceptance that still remains relatable. It will stick with you long after your first listen. That single was followed up by the equally well-received, “Why is the Bluebird Blue,” also is a Top 40 Roots Report americana single. “Bluebird” also reached #2 on the Hits You Love pop charts. The videos for both songs were nominated and selected for numerous Film Festivals, including the Jersey Shore Film Festival, Indie’s Best Films Festival, and the Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival, an IMDB-sanctioned film festival.

Collecting support from all over the globe Jeremy has been working hard on delivering the best music he can. Relatable themes of heartbreak and overcoming obstacles offer a refreshing alternative much to the desire of the listener especially on his latest album. Simple but effective beats provide substance along with thoughtful lyrics that are a real highlight on the album.

After spending some time living in Nashville the artist has returned to where it all began in Texas, something tells us along with the relocation back to his roots that his musical inspiration will be reinitiated again and were in for some real treats ahead








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