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Jennalyn arrives with rollercoaster EP “Blade”

Elusive, mesmerising and musically enticing. Jennalyn is an artist that brings dark Pop and edgy emotional vocals to the forefront of her music. Originally from Seattle she moved to Los Angeles and pursued music fully. Carefully honing her craft and developing her skills as an artist

Her new debuting EP entitled: “Blade” is a six track emotional rollercoaster. EP opener “Cruel” is a great introduction to the artist, with her soft yet impressive vocals floating over the guitar backed beat, the song is a dark and impressive start setting the tone for the rest of the project.

Follow up “Famous” is another stunner where the artist prophesies her future “I’ll figure it out when I’m famous” is the catchy chorus that offers a significant amount of repeat value. “Villain” is an uptempo Pop banger that showcases the artists Pop ready pristine lyrics and elegant tone of voice.

The closing three tracks bring out the best of the EP, “Run” is a stunning track with a heavy guitar solo riff that jolts along the beat adding another deep layer along with the gritty vocal arrangements. “These Lights” is a spacey trip that almost feel like another track entirely from the album transporting the listener to the artists world. Before closing out with the concluding number “Antifragile” a motivating, inspiring song. ‘I’m On My Way” says the singer as she showcases her velvet tone of bliss.




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