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Hollywood Video Game Killbot release new single "Shaker"

The experimental one man band from Lawndale, CA have been keeping consistent with a whole catalogue of recent releases. Each single displaying his unorthadox style and versatility.

The bands latest offering arrives in the form of "Shaker" a three minute piece that offers a significant amount in regards to production. Wavy synths and mellow percussion holster the main part of the track along with purposely out of timed instrumental hits.

It's worth noting that this artist has purposely set out to create music that is essentially different with a strong sense of individuality. The latest single combines live instrumentals with samples using a software called Magix Music Maker.

There is a certain level of cinematic presentation when it comes to the artists work.

The vast majority of his releases could absolutely be a fitting addition to many games or even screen series out there. This a credit to the artists unique and signature music style.

Overall Hollywood Video Game Killbot is a classic quintessential offering from the artist.


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1 Comment

Zachary Chacon
Zachary Chacon
Jun 18, 2021

Great article.

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