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"High Vibrations" is the captivating new album from The John Michie Collective

"I lost my mind. I made this record." Is the opening statement from the one man band before the launch of his new full 14 track project scheduled for release on 12/02/21. The John Michie Collective has been making bold moves over the last year with several noteworthy single and EP releases, steadily making strides towards his major debuting project. Impressively as discussed with the artist, the ball is really in his court and he owns every last square of it. The glistening production, organic instrumentals, mixing and artwork are all his of his own creation. Making clear proof that in today's modern and tectonically unstable industry, some artists are more than just musicians but the whole package, The John Michie Collective is by no means any exception.

The album itself is full to the brim of psychedelic twists and beautiful unorthodox sonic approaches, something the artist has been leaning towards with his previous EP project and only intensifies on the album. "The Mothership" which serves as the opener delivers with a synth dreamy intro and a constant guitar riff leading into an adventurous close. Setting the tone for the rest of the project we lead into "Beautiful day"and Wish You Were Dead" a powerful number from his previous EP. "The Ballad of John Wayne" is also a classic record "Bang Bang don't stop" says the artist as we delve into a drum heavy song, with swag vocals that uplift and showcase his confidence for making more edgy and risqué tracks.

Most impressively is our personal highlight is "Escape from San Francisco" short but the sweetest you could ask for. A gorgeous guitar solo doubles with a country acoustic guitar and a clever bass backing that makes for an enthralling listen. Even without any vocals par the opening sample this is some of his best work. Showcasing the artists multi instrumental talent with a varied array of instruments. Closing out the album is definitely the perfect culmination of everything TJMC has been working on over the last number of months. No doubt his listeners and followers will be in high anticipation for what is in store.. something tells us they won't be let down, not one bit. PRE SAVE the album here



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