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Heavy AmericA are back with hard hitting Rock number "Vacations"

Boston trio Heavy AmericA are a versatile and hard hitting Rock Band that deliver and showcase a range of styles to their growing listening audience. With a number of single releases and live performances under their belt, the band are now back with their latest entry entitled “Vacations”

The song is a thrilling and dynamic showcase of the band's hard-hitting rock sound. From the moment the track starts, the listener is immediately immersed in a world of electrifying guitar riffs and driving percussion. The vocals, delivered with a rough and rugged intensity, add to the track's powerful energy.

The guitar solos throughout "Vacations" are a particular highlight, showcasing the band's technical prowess and ability to create complex, intricate melodies. The use of electronic effects adds an additional layer of depth to the track, creating a soundscape that is both modern and timeless.

Despite its intensity, "Vacations" is also a highly melodic track, with memorable hooks and choruses that are sure to get stuck in your head. Overall, "Vacations" is a fantastic addition to Heavy AmericA's already impressive catalog. It's a track that perfectly encapsulates the band's ability to blend various styles and influences into a cohesive and powerful sound. With its infectious energy and memorable melodies, "Vacations"is sure to be a hit with both longtime fans and newcomers alike.




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