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Heathensun heat things up on new fiery single "Monster"

Heathensun are back with a stunning Hip Hop Rock blend smash hit entitled “Monster” All three members of the band are based out of different cities across the US each bringing their own unique skill to the band. They have seen incredible growth this year, releasing consecutive smash singles, gaining significant traction and new fans in the process.

Heathensun’s latest single steps things up another level, with the signature heavy mental Rock backing making an early entrance, with authoritative amp guitars, electric riffs and erratic drum patterns. Most impressively is the vocals and lyrics that are delivered with a Hip Hop vibe, nostalgic flairs to early Cypress Hill numbers feel welcomed here. Equally the visual is every bit as exciting, with an abandoned bus being used for many of the shots as the lead singer dictates the lyrics to camera, other glimpses of the band playing outside with their instruments, across fields of gold with smoke flares and cars, do make for a well worth watch, the band definitely posses bags of natural confidence and their music equally feels so well put together. An impressive new release from the exciting band.

In an age where original music is a rare find, Heathensun offer a refreshing new approach with their latest offering.



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