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Spotlight interview: Heartdestroyer

We sat down with a highly unique and exciting new talent, fresh off the release of their brand new single Hello Kitty Bitches, we explore the Heartdestroyers entry into the scene in addition the the artists musical process and inspirations.

1. Can you tell us about your musical background and how you got started in the industry? I played music in rock bands prior to the pandemic. I was also working in film as a sound designer in post-production, sometimes on set but mostly behind a screen editing sound effects, backgrounds, etc. I realized it wasnt so different, film sound and EDM. Both are made in a DAW. I decided to start making electronic music during the pandemic. It gave me freedom. I was in a really dark place, a terrible relationship, lots of isolation. My friend, Dyzphoria on soundcloud and spotify, showed me the ropes on ableton early on and did a few of my first mixes which have never been released. I really appreciate him for that. 2. What inspires you to create music? it's either if a song doesn't exist but I want it to, I make it. That or I need to get something out of myself that I can't keep inside any longer. I don't make music for anyone else but myself. I have thousands of unreleased material that will never see the light of day. 3. How would you describe your unique style or sound? loud. abrasive. happy. silly. energetic. original. decaying. corrupted. haunting. poppy :) 4. Can you share any memorable experiences or significant milestones in your career so far? Well, this project is brand new, like 2 weeks old in the public.. so my milestones would be the reviews and plays I'm getting right now 5. What are some of the challenges you have faced as a music artist and how have you overcome them? Money issues of course. Music is expensive. it doesn't have to be but it can be. I want to land on a major label but so does everyone else yeah? 6. How do you approach the songwriting process? It just happens to be honest, I am either making something or I am not making something, I don't really have a process that I stick to 7. Are there any specific themes or messages that you like to convey through your music? With Heartdestroyer I want to capture a time on the internet when I was younger. I have such rose-tinted goggles for the internet between 1999-2012 but especially 2005-2009. 2008 was a solid year.

8. Who are your biggest musical influences and why? I am going to copy and paste something from my notepad. haha. "Aqua, Blink 182, Arianna Grande, Yabujin, S3RL, Skrillex, Justice, Daft Punk, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Aphex Twin, Burial, The Fishmans, kets4eki, Pröz, Camellia, New Age Doom, Hannah Diamond, bbno$, John Maus, Suicide, OutKast, James Chance and the Contortions, Nick Cave, Clio, Alyans, Crystal Castles, Mizma, Howl, DIMELIFE, Yxsi, BAINS, SEBii, Angst, Dyzphoria, Angel Cannon, Vangelis, Cam'Ron, Weezer, Alice Longyu Gao, Kero Kero Bonito, Joy Division, Les Rallizes Denudes, Slowdive, Pavement, SEBii, My Blood Valentine, Bugcried, 2burbo, Ownside, BRG LuvBug, Lil Clearpill, Joeyy, Melvins, Unwound, g0r3c0r3, MIMIDEATH, Odetari, 6arelyhuman, The Drums, LOLIWZ, Beach House, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Nas, Deathpact, Rezz, Deadmaus, Wutang Clan, Cocteau Twins, Flying Lotus, Keiji Haino, Hanatarash, Boredoms, Swans, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Boris, Ecco2k, Speedcore, Sienna Sleep, Onohtrix Point Never, Young Thung, Team Mekano, Isyti, GNB Chili, Goreshit, Machine Girl, Eminem, Selena Gomez, Jeffree Star, Destroy Lonely, Yeat, BBY GOYARD, Anguish, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, SUICIDAL-IDOL, Green Day, asht0nn, c0ncernn, Yameii Online, 999 Heartake Sabileye, Pink Floyd, Riff Raff, Tommy Cash, The Magnetic Fields, Stereolab, Sebadoh, Wire, Sum 41, The Olivia Tremor Control, Blood on the Dance Floor, Vengaboys, Basshunter, Nine Inch Nails, My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy, Playboy Carti, Bladee, Yung Lean, Panic at the Disco, 50 Cent, The Killers, James Blake, Horsepower Productions, The Gorillaz, SOPHIE, GFOTY, Charli XCX, The Velvet Underground, Kate Bush, Madonna, Kendrick Lamar, Death Grips, Franciose Hardy, Charles Mingus, Animal Collective, Weird Al Yankovic, Frank Zappa, John Coltrane, DNA, Faust, Amon Duul II, Can, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Antonin Dvorak, Dmitri Shostakovich, The Microphones, Neutral Milk Hotel, Rectal Hygienics, Electric Wizard, No Trend, Daniel Johnston and many more" 9. Can you describe your live performances and what sets them apart from other artists? I have not performed live yet. If I ever do I do have ideas, which I don't want to share. I will remain anonymous throughout it. That's all I want to share. I'd need a label to back me for something like what I want to do. 10. How do you handle criticism or negative feedback, and how do you use it to grow as an artist? If it's constructive I don't mind it, if its purely negative, I don't care about it. In the case of the latter, if they listened to it then that's all I'm happy about 11. Can you talk about any collaborations or projects you have worked on with other artists? I am collaborating with an artist called BOMBEI.exe, they have two songs and music videos coming out with S3RL soon! Other collaborators include Dyzphoria, DIMELIFE (Wraithsfire and Dandecat), Howl, SEBii, Angst, Mizma, Gothbrat, Blackheart Portraits, Johanna Samida, and many others. For collaborations with Heartdestroyer project, I featured Gothbrats vocals for a lick before the final hook. I don't know if I will feature anyone on future releases. maybe DIMELIFE, Blackheart and Johanna. That might be about it for now but it could change. i want to keep features minimal on this project. Depends who asks! 12. In what ways do you engage with your fans and build a strong connection with them? If a fan DM's me I respond. I love shooting the shit with people who enjoy my music. Most artists do of course. I also like to find out what they do, this can lead to collaborations. I'm glad to inspire anyone, I don't know if I do but if I do I'm happy to do so 13. How do you stay motivated and keep pushing forward in the ever-evolving music industry? I don't think about it. I don't release music for other people. If people like it then they like it. I believe in the theory of obscurity. The residents were big on that as well. An artist makes their best work while totally unknown or in complete isolation or anonymity protected from the expectations or influences from the outside world. 14. Are there any upcoming projects or releases that you are particularly excited about? I will release a 3rd song within the next month, probably sooner, I don't know. I dropped Toxic the day I made it. I dropped Hello Kitty Bitches a handful of days after I finished it. Songs will just keep coming out haha



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