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Flippin' Gothic Fabp release new album "Platinumism Playlist"

The mysterious artist releases his latest album which consists of fourteen tracks, each offering their own style and unique delivery. Flippin has been releasing back to back music for may years now. Marching to a beat of this own. This artist embraces his unique energy and approach.

Residing in New York the album has a clear inspiration rooting from Flippin's Jamaican heritage, production for the album has an unorthodox feel, the majority of the songs taking the listener right to the forefront of the artists mind. From uptempo offerings to more reserved numbers the "Platinumism playlist" is a full body of work that demonstrates the artists unique approach and process for making his kind of records.

The artist blends genres on the album with some slightly more R&B tones than a lot of his previous releases, although other tracks still have a Hip Hop edge overall sticking close to the artists go to style.

Opening under his own label and promotional banner the artist has chosen the Independent route and admirable decision, but one that no doubt suits the artist, being able to express his inner thoughts through music in any way he feel and sees.

There is definitely no similarities between the artist and other musicians, the authenticity on full display throughout the course of the album, making another admirable trait that the artist possesses.

Overall the album is a truly unique offering from a unique artist.

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