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Elena Lockleis showcases powerful new single I Ain’t Happy

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

“I Ain’t Happy” is a featured single from a new musical entitled Unfolding Temporary. Elena Lockleis who is behind the song and project brings a refreshing and relatable approach. The song explores a young person in their most vulnerable state battling inner demons and soul destroying depression. It’s raw, direct and filled with emotion.

From a production standpoint the song is a mixed genre offering with both Pop and Rock tones showcased throughout, frequent guitar riffs and a constant bass backdrop provide a constant vibe and accompany the impressive set of vocals during the tracks entirety.

The vocals themselves are powerful performed by Jessica Bell, they are laced with conviction, drawing the listener into Elena’s world verse by verse. Often in songs like this, the artist’s vocals can overshadow everything else, however in this case they fit perfectly, panning behind the production allowing for a smooth and balanced mix overall.

Lyrically the song hits all the right notes, pushing the boundaries of reality and relatability for listeners all whist captivating the audience with its’ themes, imagery and story. Overall a solid entry and impressive release.


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