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Your Crush are back with heartfelt dreamy Pop single “Candelight”

Indie Pop duo Your Crush are back with a dreamy soft Pop single entitled “Candlelight.” The song which is a touching combination of heartfelt vocals and intimate musical imagery brings the listener into a world of transfixing and relatable emotions.

Taking close inspiration from the likes of The 1975, Death Cab and Taylor Swift. The band have also written for R&B prestige artists such as Jeremih and TY Dolla $ign. Now with a firm focus on their own music offerings the duo are pulling out all the stops.

Their voices are an intertwining blend that compliment each other perfectly. Never overpowering, the smooth production of the track is a warming backdrop that highlight the themes and energy behind the track.

Acoustic guitar notes and piano chords lay the foundation for the vocal overtones. The duo have kept things simple, but that is the sheer beauty of this record. Another clear highlight is the writing. Sincere, poetic and crafted with an edge of grittiness, “It feels like you don’t even try” sings the voice of artist with every note hitting home. The feeling of running away never gets us far and Your Crush make that a recurring reminder on “Candlelight”

Overall Your Crush have brought us a highly impressive record, that will only add to their expanding catalogue.




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