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BLACKHEART and XANAKIN SKYWOK dominate Hyoerpop scene with new track "M0NSTERS INC"

Blackheart is an artist that truly needs no introduction. The HyperPop artist takes on a demon like figure, gaining a mesmerising cult like following over Soundcloud and Spotify with his uniquely distinct musical aura.

The artist has been keeping incredibly consistent never the less, with a range of captivating releases over the last year alone. His latest hit however comes in the form of “Monsters Inc” an upbeat transfixing number that showcases the artists signature distorted vocals and lyricism.

With an assist from Xanakin Skywok the track is an unstoppable combination of sonic outwardly samples and aggressive vocals. What’s most impressive here is that this sounds nothing like anything else right now, which is a real credit the the artists legitimate creativity with their musical works. Things looks to be and even bigger year next for the exciting fast rising duo.



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