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Artist Spotlight Interview: Lukas Bay

Updated: Jan 23

Lukas Bay is a producer, songwriter, mixing engineer and multi-instrumentalist with over 15 years of experience as a ghost writer. Inspired by artists such as Avicii, Chainsmoskers, Daftpunk, The Weeknd and many others, he unveiled his first album, Lost and Found, in the 10th of November 2023. The album has reached over 80k streams in more than 70 countries and has firmly set Lukas on the map as a fast rising artist to watch. We sat down with him to talk all things life and music:

1. Lukas thanks for taking time to speak with us today. Where are you from?

" I am coming from New York from a family of italian origins."

2. What was growing up like for you? 

"Growing up with Frank Sinatra and italian music plus rock of all kind, I really listened every sort of music. Also been taking piano classes since I was a kid."

3. Was music around, any challenges you faced? 

"Had passion for songwriting since 14 years old but not having a great voice ) I always gave songs to better singers."

4. How did you get into music?

"After high schoolbecame more difficult, competition is really tough and generally not a very competitive person I started to produce for local artists for ten years. Then I actually faced a two years pretty hard time cause of a lost of a person very close to me, then I realized only would actually could really help me trough the though times. That's how my first album as a producer was born, Lost and Found is infact an album about finding a path trough difficult moments."

5. Who are you biggest musical inspirations

"Biggest musical inspiration and admiration as a producer for Avicii, Swedish house Mafia, Illenium, Chainsmokers, Chemical Brothers, but as well inspired me and inspires me the big classics, then also Gorillaz, Oasis, Coldplay and many more, I am an avid music consumer)"

6. Any Night in LA is your new single, can you tell us what fans can expect?

 A Night in LA s a reminder to relentlessly pursue your dream in the magical atmosphere of the city of LA.

Thank you!



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