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Ari Mor drops high octane new single “Honey”

Ari Mor starts the year off with a bang with her latest release, "Honey". This high-energy and sultry track combines the infectious rhythms of Latin trap with Rico Vina's smooth flow and captivating lyrics. Produced by London hit-makers The Artels, "Honey" is a testament to Ari Mor's versatility as an artist and marks a bold new direction in her already impressive career.

The record showcases her unique style and undeniable talent, making it a must-listen for fans of Latin trap and beyond. With its driving beat and catchy hook "Drip Drip", "Honey" is the perfect addition to any party playlist and is sure to get listeners moving and singing along. Ari Mor is eager to share her new music with the world and is confident it will connect with listeners everywhere.


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