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"You and Me" is the dreamy Indie Pop single from Kubota

The Los Angeles raised artist, has been releasing an array of classic singles for the last number of years, each with a Hip Hop influence at the forefront, the West Coast vibe is on full display in his earlier works. But for his most recent song, Kubota has chosen and unique and exciting musical direction.

"You and me" is a Pop savvy Indie merged song, captivating guitar plucks provide the opener, leading to the entrance of the vocals. On first listen there was a nostalgic flashback to the debut album of Blink 182. Delicate backing vocals pan behind the lead track balancing things out perfectly.

From a lyrical standpoint Kubota really does shine here, his accent adding another layer to the song. The song explores sharing love between old friends and new friends, without a sense of direction for the future but having a sense of confidence that things will work out. It does offer a sense of personal reflection on all cylinders.

Around the 2:30 mark, the song switches up, to a climatic Hip Hop/Rock ending. It was totally unexpected but works so well. It feels natural and arrives at the right time. Again the backing vocals here really do the outro section considerable justice. It really does highlight the artist capabilities as a musician that can do more than just Hip Hop. The production is also worth noting as being a solid highlight from the song, the guitar and acoustic opener feel like a nice entry as the song builds towards the climatic ending. Overall this is absolutely one of Kubota's best releases, we can't wait to hear what's next.



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