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Yashar and the new house classic “Fallin”

Yashar is an artist that was born in Turkey and now based in New Zealand. The artist who has been making music since he was just sixteen years old specialises in the realm of EDM/Dance. Soon set to release his highly anticipated record entitled “Fallin”

The song is first and foremost a solid House inspired bop, with crisp vocals making their presence felt right from the opening, the tone is immediately set. The producer has made his intentions for listeners clear here. To create a track that encourages listers to move to the beat of this transfixing entry whilst enabling us to relate to the themes of love and longing. Lyrically the song is basic but is just perfect for this kind of song, allowing the heavy bass hit and thunderous house synths to make an impact and take a centre lead over the course of the record.

The lead vocals are also mixed perfectly, blending in with the overall vibe and feel of the track, counting bags of organic conviction and impressive tone display. A natural build is something much welcomed here, the track builds slowly, climaxing with a lush combination of hard hitting future house and techno euphoric influences. The song balances between a radio ready banger to a progressive dance number. Amazingly it almost feels like it could go on and is over before the listener truly wants it to be, making for a great repeat value selection.

Yashar has proved his worth on this track, a complete all round showcase of his sleek production skills and an exciting highlight for his growing listeners and fanbase.


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