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Xuper Heru arrives on their self titled album classic “HERU”

Returning with thirteen album project Super Heru are back with a hard hitting project that showcases ferocity from start to finish; The collective artists who have been dropping singles consistently this year are known for their articulate flow and imaginative yet distinct lyricism.

Blending elements of various genres the album never leaves the listener without something to admire. Starting things off with “I GOT A OP” the song is the perfect introduction, setting the tone for the rest of the album. “CROSSING LINES” and “HOLY” make the ideal follow ups, highly motivating and backed by intense Hip Hop production.

“WAKE UP” is an exceptional atmospheric number with some middle eastern tones accompanied by the artists stunning bars. “PHENOMENAL” METRONOME” and “THE LORE” offer some great mid point music, leaning heavy on trap influences here, these songs in particular feel like the most intense tracks on the record, ideal for true Hip Hop lovers.

“GERONIMO” is a charismatic hit and easily one of the most classic choruses on the album.

“GET ILLER” follows a similar flow with eager collaborators featuring on the song making for an undeniable listen.

“GOD’S WRATH`’ is definitely a highlight for any listener, it’s production seemingly ideal not only for Hip Hop but also feels right out of a box office screen movie. A credit to Xuper Heru’s creativity and expression.

Closing numbers “BRIGHT” “SOUNDS” and “HOMEGROWN” are the right choices to close out what is a captivating album from the artists, ending the journey with the their signature bars, big energy confidence and out of this world production. Overall Super Heru has delivered on all fronts here, setting the bar not only for their peers but also for future works.




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