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WizzardA addresses all in heartfelt electro pop "In My Mind"

The artist from the Netherlands has been developing his sound since the release of his first single in 2018, incorporating elements of EDM and Pop his latest offering "In My Mind" is a triumphant entry in his catalogue of singles this year. Strong layered vocals are a pleasure to the listener as is the artists vocals, a great singer that ads additional value to the song. Of course then we have the EDM chorus that builds up gradually with the tectonic combinations of distorted vocals, culminating in a club bop chorus. The lyrics are enjoyable, they fit well into the overall feel and tone of the record, mixed and crafted to blend in not overtake the impressive instrumental elements of the song. Impressively the song is one of several releases this year from Wizzard, it leads to all indications that the artist will continue with his level of frequent releases in 2021, maybe even an album next year. But for now you can stream "In My Mind" here


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