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Wize Kaizz drops a dose of hard hitting reality on “The Grind”

Hailing from a small town in Dearborn County, Indiana Wize Kaizz is a twenty seven year old rapper. Playing his first instrument from the age of twelve, it was clear that his journey into music was a certain one.

Learning various instruments throughout his youth his journey continued into adulthood where he now operates in the realm of Rap. For an artist like Wize, he choses his verses with careful consideration, often taking listeners on a journey of thought provoking lyricism and captivating beats.

His latest entry arrives in the form of “The Grind” a murky combination of dark piano, fast beat clicks and a smooth vocal sample, unique violin strikes arrive across the course of the track adding an added emotional punch.

The artist speaks on narratives of struggle, his rise and internal feelings. The track feels like a 90’s throwback especially with the artist’s husky and distinct tone floating effortlessly over the beat. There is an added sense of mystery to the artist, he often lets his words do the talking for him, whilst various industry tastemakers and outlets have showed considerable support for the exciting rap artist. Things ahead look to be exciting for this rising musical figure.



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