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"What We Feel" Michele Noblers classic Piano Solo Melody

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Michele Nobler returns with his latest boy of work entitled "What We Feel" – a catchy yet melancholic composition that touches the very core of our hearts.

This captivating piece of music is perfect as a background accompaniment while reading, creating a beautiful ambiance for a moment shared with loved ones, or simply as a soothing soundtrack for relaxation in our daily lives. Its enchanting notes have the power to transport us to a world of introspection and contemplation.

"What We Feel" is just a taste of what is to come from the artists upcoming album "Glass Boxes." The album is set to release one song every month until January 2024. The title itself holds a significant metaphor for the intricate nature of emotions – like glass boxes that can be seen and felt but not touched.

Imagine glass houses nestled on the bed of the sea, revealing themselves only when the tide recedes and unveils a vast beach. Inside these glass houses, people live, but they can sometimes feel like prisoners when the tide rises. Their true emotions, like the inhabitants, can only be fully expressed when the sea is low, and the vulnerability of their emotions exposed.

Michele the creator of this enthralling musical journey is an artist who has always harbored a deep passion for music. From a young age, this individual was already exploring their own original improvisations, paving the way for their musical journey ahead. This passion led them to pursue five years of study at the prestigious Conservatory of Florence, where they honed their skills in modern neoclassical piano and contemporary classical soundtrack composition.

In late 2016, the artist started releasing some of their works to the world, sharing pieces that truly resonated with audiences worldwide. Notable compositions such as "Memory Tapes," "A Piano Sailing," "SUPER 8," and "Cap Blanc Nez" have captured the hearts of those who appreciate contemporary emotional piano music. Their profound compositions have found a place in films, commercials, and the playlists of music enthusiasts drawn to the evocative power of their sound.

"What We Feel" is just a glimpse into the captivating world of this artist's musical creations. With each song released as part of the "Glass Boxes" album, we can anticipate being transported to ethereal landscapes of emotion, where the piano becomes the narrator of our deepest thoughts and sentiments.

So, settle in, close your eyes, and allow the melodies of "What We Feel” to take you on an extraordinary musical journey and let the piano guide you to a profound understanding of what it truly means to feel.



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