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Vonzell Sly releases highlight album of the summer with "Insomniac"

Florida based Vonzell Sly knows how to make an entrance. The artist is a musical talent like no other. Distinct, undeniably edgy and excitingly individual.

His discovery has been particularly impressive with various EP and full projects releases coming out in just the last number of years, a credit to his creativity and output as an artist. One of the top highlights of Vonzell’s capabilities is his variating tone and delivery, he can be rapping with the best of them flowing effortlessly over a trap beat or can take things up a notch to head banging hardcore trancelike levels. This is a truly exciting note, as it’s not something we see so often in the industry today.

His new album entitled “Insomniac” is a real offer of variety for listeners. We open with the high octane track, “Crash The Party” follow up track “5 Dollaz” is a phenomenally produced track, it has some tremendous futuristic vibes, distorted vocals and real swag.

There is a definite experimental feel to this project and it’s so exciting, the album artwork also reminiscent of the Weeknd’s 2011 mixtape masterpiece “House Of Balloons”

Moving on to the mid section of the album we have songs like “KashKade” which offer full instrumental vibes as well as “ A club in Jersey” interlude single “Gargoyles” bring out a mysterious and dark R&B vibe.

One of the absolute highlights on the album is the super addictive groove infused track known as “Devil Wears Prada” the only description for this song is ..Wow smooth and dripping in swag and confidence.

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