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Usher, Lil John and Ludarcis reunite for nostalgic new bop "Sex Beat"

By the fall of 2004 Usher had cemented his place as one of the highest selling R&B artists of all time thanks to his greatest body of work in his album Confessions. One of the biggest standouts from the album was the collaborative single "Yeah"which featured fellow ATL artists Lil John and Ludacris. Fast forward over a decade later and the trio have yet again delivered a nostalgic blast from the past with their latest offering "Sex Beat." Vocally it's great, Usher is flawless and Ludacris brings the element of fun with Lil John adding the extra bit of spice to the track. With rumours of a Confessions 2 on the way time will tell if the rumours are true. Listen to "Sex Beat" here


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