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Mauri Dark unveils debut album "Dreams Of A Middle Aged Man"

Mauri Dark is no stranger to music, the artist has been involved in the industry in some capacity for decades. Based in Turku, Finland the singer and songwriter plays multiple instruments.

Over the course of his career to date he has played over 500 live shows and released eight full project albums with a variety of different bands.

But the most highly anticipated release and project of his career is his debut album

"Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man" The title intriguing in itself and the music absolutely delivers.

Mauri has a signature voice that is unmistakable a deep baritone powerful tone but equally smooth and elegant. His voice compliments every song on the album which he also self produced. The production side of things is remarkably simple but beautifully effective. Soft touches of keys and guitar add a warmth and consistent flow to the album. Mauri also had the opportunity to work with his dream team.

Associate producer Jussi Vuola is a band mate and a musical blood brother. Mixing engineer / associate producer Hiili Hiilesmaa is famous for his work with HIM, Apocalyptica and Amorphis. Vlado Meller has previously mastered albums for Johnny Cash, Metallica, and Michael Jackson, to name a few.

Talking on the album Mauri states" “Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man is the record I have always wanted to make. It is an emotional, honest and sincere acoustic album full of moods and stories in the spirit of Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake, and polished by the finest audio professionals and equipment in the spirit of the old times when albums were made to last"

Mauri couldn't have said to better, his debut album had a lot of anticipation, it was after all the first major solo project in his entire career so far and it is a resounding sonical success.

The narratives also cover a relatable theme in relationships, the single "Poisen Woman" explores the end of a seven year relationship. Where Mauri was also living alone in a forest cabin at the time of writing. His mother suffering from terminal illness and some 364 days later he was married and welcomed the arrival of his first born daughter. A whirlwind of dramatic events showcased on the album.

You can listen and view all of Mauri's music below:


“Poison Woman” (3rd SINGLE Dec 18): Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man

“Thin Line Of Understanding”


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