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Uncle Brent & the NoStone unveil Bluegrass classic "RIVER"

The group who was formed by the Texas native, Uncle Brent. Uncle Brent finds musical inspiration from the deep roots of American music. The band creates compelling records that contain great storytelling and organic instrumental combinations. With a plethora of releases already in the bag, the group has been keeping active with live shows in the US. This summer is looking to be an extremely busy time for the guys as their demand increases.

Their latest single "River" contains all the hallmarks of their distinctive but unorthodox sound. Diverse acoustic melodies and lush country guitars accompany the blissful vocal tones and narratives that take us back to the nostalgic good old days. The combination of banjo and fiddle provide a mesmerizing listen, adding a beautiful warmth to the track.

A solid smooth mix tops off a wonderful and enticing listen.

Although some of the bands previous works have included more sombre releases "River" definitely has a more up-tempo feel. With the first quarter of 2021 nearly wrapped, we look forward to seeing what direction the group head into next. For the mean time you can listen to the full single exclusively here


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