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Ty Bru captivates with powerful new single "Elm Street"

A native of Asheboro NC, Ty Bru has been a real credit to the Independent scene for the last decade. With performances and tours all over the world including, Europe and Shanghai, China. Ty now now resides in North Carolina and has been releasing new music consistently for years. His accolades are also worth noting, with numerous album of the year contenderships and wins for the Independent Music Awards in New York. Ty has surely cemented a long lasting legacy.

His latest single offering takes us back to the artists earlier days. "I Remember Elm Street, the first place I would call my home." Is the leading chorus. Ty's melodic and thought provoking lyrics are a throwback to the early golden days of Hip Hop. Overlayed with a classic and acoustically pleasing beat. The artist shares with us a lyrical picture of current and early life.

The single boasts and blends both classic and contemporary Hip Hop making for a great listen.

Stream "Elm Street" here


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