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The Florida born artist returns with an exhilarating display of personal reflection,

lyrical intimacy and unmatched sonic depth. The EP marks his first full length project this fall after consecutive single releases over the past number of years. Enticing listeners with unorthodox beats and the artists captivating vocals.

What first began as entertaining fellow colleagues at school, Trevor quickly set his sights firmly on his music career making his first batch of beats by 2014 and has since been honing his craft and growing his fanbase through his consistent releases.

Trevor is a masterful creative who not only raps on his records, but produces and mixes his music whilst also shooting and editing his own videos. In a time when the commercial trends of Hip Hop and modern music seem to rely on single average talent it’s a truly rare occurrence, where an artist such as Trevor can seemingly do it all and with effortless ease. The same can also be said for his musicianship. “My Way” is a true showcase in the artists strengths. The six track EP delves into the deepest corners of the artists mind alight with impressive bars, differing in pace and tone as the project progresses. Trevor utilises his natural charisma to lighten and capture the listeners attention. Another real highlight here is Trevors ability to create a balanced sonic landscape of atmospheric beats and trendy Hip Hop vibes, coated with influences of Trap and Lo-Fi.

Opener “Man” is a good starting point offering a basic beat backdrop allowing the lead vocals to shine. Setting the tone for the rest of the EP.

“If I Go Away” brings in the oozing confidence of the artist who raps over an unorthodox organic instrumental beat.“ Low-Key” goes all out the song is a wavy Trap infused banger easily with the best chorus on the EP. We then approach “NIGHT” where the artists vocals are set lose with a reverb added intensity, making for a peak confidence offering.

“NO2DAYS” is a stunning song in all aspects, non conventional Hip Hop yet delivered with the artists signature bars and distinct tone. Trevor does a great job here balancing between the songs ambient beat and letting his vocals make their presence felt.

The concluding single entitled “100” is the perfect closer to a whirlwind of an EP. Powerful production packed with solid bars and an intense catchy bridge that leads up to a boisterous chorus. Overall Trevor delivers on all sides, showcasing his depth and artistry across the board.

“My way” is easily the artists most personal yet impressive work to date.

See below for all streaming links to “My Way” and for all Trevor Joseph updates.


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