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Thirty Three Degrees drop Rock ready self titled album

The band located in the Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Have been an unstoppable force since reentering the music scene. The trio of artists were all but two, when band members Chris and Shane collectively reignited their Musial flame in 2020 ready to take on the world, unfortunately the recent global pandemic put those plans on hold.

However they have since added band member and bassist Andrew, to create a solid trio.

The bands new album was an open plan topic when it's initial creation began. However in time the themes and narratives of the album began to filer through and the band had a nine piece full length epic on their hands.

One half of the album takes a more emotional turn whistle the other part of them album focus on more world relatable issues.

Album opener "Get Me Outta Here"stats with an electric guitar super riff, igniting the album, setting the pace for a solid rock project."A place In The Sun" take the listener back to a more retro rock sound of decades previous, a nice offering of experimental nostalgic rock here.

"Hit The Ground Running" is definitely one of the more intense songs on the record showcasing the bands full and versatile skills as musicians.

The tempo switches up slightly as we approach the final section of the album, with the lead vocals becoming more fierce in tone, along with the instrumentals building up the pressure.

"This Time" and "No Illusions" offer some mesmerising instrumentals concluding a great album in convincing fashion.



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