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The Used Notes signify change in powerful new single “Quiet Revolution”

Hailing from Kent England The Used Notes operate under a veil of mystery. Letting their music do all the talking, the band use soulful genre tones to bring listeners some serious food for thought. Their latest release entitled "Quiet Revolution"is a song with sincerity and meaning that the band crafted to ignite change and raise awareness for the importance peaceful silent protest.

The Used Notes bring a stunning vocal display on the song, with a drum and bass influenced beat. Choral backing opens the track setting the mood for the song. Impressively the real highlight here is the flawless lyrical display showcased by The Used Notes, every word is sung with potent meaning, creating a clear sense of imagery in the mind of the listener.

The accompanying visual is also a much welcomed addition to the song, showing a masked character demonstrating his own still protest, it almost feels like the artist wanted things to be visually shown this way, it has a strong sense of distinct individuality and relatability to the artists, a mysterious voice that speak volumes behind coated mystery, which is exactly what The Used Notes are.

There is no denying the talent on display here, it’s wonderfully refreshing to not only listen to a great voice but also to a voice that speaks honest value and meaning. Audiences continue to be astounded with the creativity of The Used Notes and we for one cannot wait to hear more.





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