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The Mietus Touch takes us to a futuristic world on Transcendental Souvenirs

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Retro 80’s synth pop, shape shifting vocals, and an array of nostalgic anthems are all on magnificent display on Transcendental Souvenirs. The seven track album is a bold entry from Chicago producer and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Mietus producing under the moniker The Mietus Touch. Using everything at his disposal on the album from the layered vocals, impressive guitar solos, reverb flooded pianos, and blistering synths.

There are also some really great tempo switches on the project. From “Digits” being a confident smooth throwback with uptempo vibes to the instrumentally beautiful “Send Soul” a slow burner of a track draped in futuristic tones and mellow vocals.

The album progresses well, with Mietus' vocals adding significant warmth from song to song - his tone light, soft, and engaging. Never leaving the listeners as the album moves from start to finish, basking in a variety of sounds, The Mietus Touch makes a great effort to keep the listener engaged with unpredictable tones and sounds. This works wonders only adding to the already unorthodox yet familiar sound of the album. An exciting and refreshing entry from this wonderfully creative artist this debut brings great promise of things to come.



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