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The John Michie Collective returns with new EP "Wish You Were Dead"

The artist has certainly been keeping things moving this year, with a plethora of releases and singles each contrasting in style and individualism. Which brings us to his latest three track project "Wish You Were Dead" an intriguingly enticing title chosen by the artist. The first song and lead single is a powerful statement a wavering electric guitar plays next to hard hitting piano strikes and distorted vocals, with some background vocals keeping things tame, a quick tempo switch begins around the 3-minute mark which leads into a drum padded break before reaching back into the climatic chorus. Hey Hey the second song is a throwback of originality some beautifully arranged guitar a short but much welcomed piece.

Finally The Sun is a real mixed bag of Rock and almost electro trance blended into one probably one of the most experimental records in the artist catalogue so far, a brave but decisive move. Overall a pleasantly delivered EP from "The John Michie Collective" Stream the full project here


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