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The Effex and Brendan J unveil new collaboration hit “Charme”

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The Effex is a producer and songwriter from Dallas Texas. After a number of prolific and impressive releases over the last number of years, the artist is back with a stunning new single collaboration entry entitled “Charme” The song features an assist from Brendan J a guitarist, also a Dallas artist who elegantly ads his personal creative touch to the song.

The track is an dark atmospheric number filled with captivating bass hits and hi hats, accompanied by some highly impressive emotional vocals and poetic lyricism. The real

highlight here comes in the form of the gorgeous guitar solo. It’s no surprise, Brendan J is known as the Modern day Santana here with his articulate style and versatile genre tones. Overall the single is a solid and compelling effort, that will be a much welcomed highlight in both artists expanding catalogue.


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