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The Blindfold Experience release sensational new Rock ballad "Fly"

Nostalgic flairs from Guns and Roses, ACDC sprinkled with a tone of Bonjovi. All come to mind with the release of The Blindfold Experiences new single. A slow building intro that surveys a lost soul wandering along the vast dark depths of the Ocean. The song is a motivating grower with a chorus that defiantly states you will Fly again. The feeling of redemption feels like one of the leading factors on this record. As for the instrumental, a bass heavy verse accompanies some incredibly impressive guitar work with a solid set of vocals that add a powerful touch. The mix is also balanced great, with everything blended in well.

With this being the first single on streaming platforms, It looks like an exciting start and we look forward to what is in store for 2021. Stream "Fly" here


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