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The 8082 collective pull out all the stops in mesmerising EP““The Misadventures of “Tony and HZU”

In an age where collaboration efforts and artist collectives are a popular trend it is rare to come across a legitimate musical group that can create music in perfect unison, well in the case of the 8082 collective, that statement is true in full.

Their latest EP entitled “The Misadventures of “Tony and HZU” is a highlight reel in it’s self glistening production on each track, the guys blend their intertwined R&B vocals, enrapturing lyrics and blissful mixed genre tones.

Once of the big things to note with these guys are there ability to constantly keep things fresh, there is alway something going on in every record, the backing vocals are superb, filled with smooth laters, original instrumentals and killer beats.

You can tell they have worked hard to perfect their sound, it works and it’s distinctly them.

The EP delivers well on all fronts, demonstrating the artists vast and variating musical skillsets. With more music on the way, fans and listeners can enjoy this latest offering from the impressive and fast rising team.



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