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Terri Green and JTreece: A Dynamic Duo Reworking Teddy Pendergrass's Classic

When DC native Terri Green and Baltimore-based JTreece were introduced by a mutual soul station manager, it was an instant connection. Like soul brother and sister, they bonded over their mutual love for music and began exchanging ideas. It wasn't long before they gave birth to the idea of covering Teddy Pendergrass's iconic hit, "Close the Door."

Joel, the driving force behind the idea, presented it to Terri, a self-proclaimed super fan of Teddy Pendergrass. Initially skeptical, Terri was intrigued by the challenge and saw the potential in creating a version that honored the original while adding their own unique touch. With Joel's encouragement, the wheels were set in motion. Terri, along with her mixing engineer, Jobrizz, and collaborator Toddi Reed, sat down to brainstorm production ideas. Their goal was to create a retro but nuanced update to the drum and kick patterns, ensuring a fresh and captivating sound. With each session, the quartet, consisting of Terri, Toddi, Joel, and Jochen, delved deeper into finding the perfect balance for this Gamble and Huff classic. Drawing on their collective expertise and talent, the group found a cool, danceable bounce vibe that became the sweet spot for the reworked track. Thomas Stieger, known for his exceptional bass skills, added his touch to bring the composition to life. Torsten masterfully arranged an exquisite layer of various strings to achieve the desired sound. With these elements in place, Terri brought her sultry contralto vocals, showcasing her signature unique style. JTreece complemented her with his urgent tone, exuding a grown and sexy charm as he effortlessly glided through the track with power and passion. To elevate the rework even further, the duo enlisted the talents of saxophonist Toddi Reed. His crisp and precise playing added an extra highlight to their charming rendition. The end result is a tune that keeps the grown and sexy dance floors grooving, and one that soul radio stations worldwide will enjoy on repeat. Terri Green and JTreece's take on "Close the Door" is a testament to their ability to honor the original while infusing it with their own style and energy. This reimagined version captivates listeners with its infectious groove and undeniable sensuality. It's a track that invites you to hit replay and lose yourself in its timeless allure. With this collaboration, Terri Green and JTreece have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with, breathing new life into cherished classics. As their musical journey continues, we can anticipate more exciting releases and innovative interpretations from this extraordinary duo.


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