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Teekay Othello delivers nostalgic EP of sincerity with “Luv Letters 2”

Teekay Othello is an artist from Calgary Canada. Operating in the realm of contemporary R&B, rap and alternative Pop the artist uses nostalgic influences from the late 90’s and 2000’s in his music, making for a refreshing revival offering of blended classic and modern hits.

After a consistent number of years releasing a variety of projects, Teekay has been focused on growing and establishing his listening base. Amassing over six hundred thousand streams from his previous works alone.

Teekay Othello now returns with a highly interpersonal seven track EP entitled “Luv Letters 2.”The projects takes a closer look into the artists life, love lessons and stories of romance remain the centre and focus point for the EP’s narrative.

The EP opener “Violet Dreams” is a charismatic start to things, setting the stage for the rest of the project. Backed with some stunning vocals, the song is matched with equally impressive bars from the artist. Follow up “Addicted” has quite possibly the best chorus on the album with a gorgeous harp instrumental backing. “Fake Luv”is a heartfelt R&B infused ballad, a highly personal and intimately expressive song. Midway point song “Signs” is a straight banger showcasing some of the best lyrical work on the album, some solid bars here from the artist.

“Lonesome” keeps the listener in their feels making for a nice switch at this point in the EP.

`Album closers firstly “Dreaming in Luv” is a smooth articulation of glistening vocals demonstrating Teekay’s full array of musical talents here in impressive fashion. Finally we conclude the EP with “Keep on Writing” the ending song is a heart-warming reflective piece where Teekay brings organic production filled with riffing guitar licks and a brave sonic build towards a catchy and memorable chorus.

Overall Teekay Othello has again demonstrated his musical skillset seemingly getting better with each and every release and “Luv Letter” 2 is no exception. Fans and listeners will await for what is in store next but for now they can enjoy this highlight EP




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