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Tedi Brunetti still reigns on "The Queen of Pittsburgh"

Tedi Brunetti is a singer, songwriter, drummer and bandleader. She has come an incredibly long way since discovering her musical side in her youth. Touring with some high profile acts in her time as a drummer including the likes of Eloise Laws and Isis' Carol.

She now focuses her attention on her new album entitled "Queen Of Pittsburgh." The nine track epic feature some serious classics. Notable hits include "When Your From Pittsburgh" which is an addictive funky jam made perfect with Tedi's raspy lush voice. Her lyrics are from another world. the nostalgic vibes feel like a refreshing step back in time. Jazz at it's best here. It's clear that careful consideration and time as been spent of making this album sound as good as it possibly can, from the mixing, to the vocals and instruments. Everything fits perfectly.

"White Man Dancing" provides some of her greatest vocals on the album accompanied by some wonderful trombone playing and electric guitar hits. The song "Queen Of Pittsburgh" is a solidly performed single that showcases exactly who Tedi is!

Closing out with "Somethings Cooking"a jolly warm and funky electro guitar infused jam.


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