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Tatum Quinn delivers haunting and spectacular conviction on new single “Sell Your Soul”

Tatum Quinn is a twenty four year old artist from Montreal Canada, already gaining significant accomplishments in her early career opening for bands such as Kool and The Gang, April Wine and Boy George.

Photo's: Mikey Lavi

Her music also featured in two of Ubisofts highly successful video games “Just Dance.” Operating between the genres of Rock and Pop the artist has been making significant traction with her unique and distinct artistry. Tatum's latest single entitled “Sell Your Soul” starts with the artists piercing vocals, which are raw, sinister and stunningly individual. The piano chords make for a haunting accompaniment to the track, along with the addictive deep bass and smash mouth style guitar solos that just fit perfectly into the song.

Tatum makes things easy for all to understand and makes no qualms about her intention “I wanna sell my soul” sings the artist, as she offers something here that relates to many listeners. “Have you ever felt so low?” She questions and it’s an easy question to answer yes we have, it’s like Tatum’s deeply resonating lyrics speak for countless others who have indeed faced life challenges like the wall of rejection, struggle and mental health one to many times, where dreams are shattered, hope vanquished and any chance of redemption from obscurity is all but seemingly impossible. Yet Tatum Quinn delivers an epic here that speaks volumes.

Overall Tatum truly brings her A game, from her vocals, conviction and lyrical delivery, the song is gritty and feels like a final powerful curtain call, however this is only just the beginning.




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