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Tala Silva delivers an inspiring new hit "Call Back"

Empowerment and SelfLove can be a complicated thing, and Tala Silva's new single "Call Back" reflects just that. After a year-long situationship filled with broken promises disguised as romantic gestures, Tala decided to take control and end it. Feeling inspired by her complicated love affair, Tala created an upbeat, Steve Lacy-inspired Alternative R&B song that reflected her newfound sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

"Call Back" is a song about vulnerability, empowerment, and self-love. It's perfect for anyone who's ready to move on from a toxic relationship and needs a reminder of who they are. The lyrics are relatable and honest, reflecting the ups and downs of relationships, and how difficult it can be to let go of someone you love.

The song opens with a catchy beat and Tala's smooth, soulful voice, immediately drawing the listener in. The chorus is infectiously upbeat, with Tala singing, "I don't need you to call back, I'm good on my own, I'mma do me and leave you alone." The message is clear: Tala is done with the games and is ready to move on.

One of the standout elements of "Call Back" is the production. The song was created in Tala's apartment bedroom, but you wouldn't know it from the polished sound. The Steve Lacy-inspired instrumentation is infectious, with jazzy guitar riffs and smooth bass lines, creating a laid-back, yet energetic vibe.


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